Bespoke Defenders

Rich Brit Bespoke Vehicle Systems

In recent years Land Rover has occasionally produced special editions of the Defender. These have usually been little more than a vehicle being fitted with certain option packs and equipment, although occasionally more bespoke editions have been produced. However, now Rich Brit Bespoke Vehicle Systems are feeling it necessary to aim at the more lucrative “lifestyle” sector than the Defender’s usual commercial and off-road markets. With this in mind, Rich Brit have created THOR and HRP (Heritage Recreation Programme).

THOR 90/THOR 110

In Norse polytheism, Thor is a hammer-wielding god associated with thunder, lightning, storms, strength, destruction, healing and the protection of mankind. Thor is obviously the perfect name for such an iconic motor vehicle based on the Land Rover Defender.

Available in both 90 and 110 variants, Rich Brit have taken their inspiration from previous factory built Limited Edition Defenders which were reluctantly only ever produced for the global market and so never sold in the UK. Such models (in Station Wagon formats) included “Fire”, “Ice” and the recently developed “X-Tech”. The Thor conversion will be offered to all Defender variants including an exclusive 4-seater soft top convertible with a fully removable mohair hood. An automatic transmission is available as a cost option.

Thor starts life as a 90 or 110 model Defender and then undergoes a comprehensive 4 – 6 weeks conversion process which allows the vehicle’s specification to surpass everything else the industry has to offer.


“THOR COMFORT” has been developed for the individual that does not necessarily require a sporty feel for their Defender. It’s “COMFORT SUSPENSION PROGRAMME” includes “Progressive Springs”, “DeCarbon Comfort Shock Absorber”, “Anti-Roll Bars” and “Comfort Bushes”. The “THOR GTS” is a sportier edition of THOR. Visually, the GTS is distinguished by its unique colour scheme. Such colour options include Sumatra Black with Balloon Orange or Viper Green accents – inspiration taken from the Porsche 911 GT3 RS of 2007. Other sporting enhancements for the GTS include a stainless steel sports exhaust and a sports suspension handling package. The Supersport option includes Recaro Cross Sportster seats; “Silverstone Stealth” style upgraded leather and 20” alloy wheels; upgraded racing brakes and a de-cat exhaust downpipe in addition. GTS is available in both 90 and 110 variants. For a full picture gallery of a “BROOKLANDS SPORTS QUILTED” interior:


A SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) team is an elite tactical unit in various national law enforcement departments within North America. The “THOR STEALTH” model has taken its inspiration from the armoured vehicles usually associated with such units. Its bodywork is finished in a black finish with a matching sports grille and lighting pack. In addition there can be full grille protection to the rear windows and lights.

The “THOR STEALTH GTS SPORT” option includes GTS sports suspension; a GTS stainless steel sports exhaust system and “SILVERSTONE STEALTH” upgraded nappa leather. Upgraded racing brakes can be included in the “THOR STEALTH GTS SUPERSPORT” package. The THOR STEALTH is available in both 90 and 110 variants.


UV-X stands for Ultimate Vehicle – eXtreme and has been influenced by the SVX concept vehicle of 1999. The original SVX concept car was built by the Land Rover factory when it was under BMW ownership. The UV-X takes its eXtreme name due to the extremely dramatic basis that the car adopts. Project UV-X was created by BMG’s MD Richard Brittle when he became rather disappointed at the official 90 SVX Limited Edition Defender that was produced by the factory in 2008.

Powered by the usual Puma 2.2 diesel, the engine management system can be tweaked for additional horsepower. The transmission is the standard 6-speed manual gearbox with the traditional transfer box. A 4-speed ZF automatic gearbox can be fitted as an optional extra.

Internally, the traditional seats have been replaced with the sportier Recaro Cross Sportster seats as seen in the 2008 factory edition. However, as the car has no roof or windscreen the seats and optional tonneau cover are finished in a resin based anti-fungi coating which is conveniently UV and water resistant. The dashboard has been derived from race car and marine technology with a road legal LCD display.

The concept’s body has been raised by 2” with a medium load sport suspension programme and also fitted are 20” alloy wheels with specially cut all-terrain Cooper tyres. The doors have been cut down in the style of the original Series I.

The Sport option includes an upgraded ECU for additional horsepower and a GTS sports exhaust (including a de-cat downpipe) system.

Speaking recently Richard said, “The main purpose of the UV-X is to clearly present the huge scope, the huge range of skills and the unprecedented attention to detail that is demonstrated with the Rich Brit Brand.”

HRP – Heritage Recreation Programme

Land Rover originally introduced the “Heritage” as a Special Edition in 1998. It was intended to hark back to the early days of Land Rover in the 1940s. It was originally offered in only two colours – pastel Atlantic Green or dark Bronze Green, both with Lincoln Green leather upholstery. A metal mesh-effect grille, body coloured Tornado or Boost style alloy wheels and wing mirrors were complimented with a silver painted front bumper and matching door and windscreen hinges. Such characteristics were all employed to make the Heritage look similar to the original Series I of 1948.

Rich Brit have now recreated their own “Heritage” Edition of the Defender called “HRP” (Heritage Recreation Programme). HRP will be offered in various stages of recreation and will be available in any colour choice the client requires. The programme can be carried out to both new and pre-owned vehicles.

HRP1 includes: Full Belgrave “Heritage” quilted style leather to seats, door cards, cubby box and dashboard; full paint programme (contrasting Chawton White roof, colour coded headlight surrounds, silver painted front bumper and door/windscreen hinges); colour coded Tornado or Boost style alloy wheels; mesh-style front grille and LED day-time running lights.

HRP2 includes: Full paint programme; colour coded Tornado or Boost style alloy wheels; mesh-style front grille and LED day-time running lights.

HRP3 includes: Full paint programme; mesh-style front grille and LED day-time running lights.

HRP4 includes: Full paint programme and mesh-style front grille.