Sell Your Car

If you are currently considering selling your car, please consider your options with Brittle Motor Group (BMG)…

Option 1 – Part Exchange

Simply part exchange your existing vehicle against a car we have in stock or a car we have exclusively located for you.

Option 2- Sell for Cash

Simply give us a detailed description of your existing car and we will offer you a cash price for its outright purchase. If you have existing outstanding finance we will take care of it on your behalf and pay you the balance.

Option 3 – Brokerage Programme (Sale or Return)

We can sell your car on your behalf. Through our various on-line and traditional marketing campaigns, we promise to deliver a fair market value for your car without the general hassle usually associated with private sales.

Retailing in prestigious and specialist vehicles, Brittle Motor Group (BMG) is constantly searching for the finest and most outstanding examples of the marques in which we purvey.

With our enthusiasm and experience, we guarantee a speedy response throughout the whole United Kingdom.

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